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Thursday, August 10, 2006

5 Pounds Down!

I started the Fat Burning Soup Diet on Saturday and I am officially down 5 pounds today! This is a great fast fix diet I tell you! The soup is terrific too! And I got back on the bike last night after not being on it since vacation. Now all I've got left is to start the exercise videos I have and I'll be on track! And look at that summer's almost over! LOL! Well at least I'm finally headed in the right direction. Maybe by January when I go to CALIFORNIA I'll have a beach body!
Yep I'm going to California! I can't believe I'm going! Andrea and I are going to see Chris! And we're all gonna go to CHA Winter 2007! How cool is that! Still have to work out the details on how we're going but I am psyched! I said I'd never fly that far but I am going to get over my fear of flying far distances and do it! Of course I made this decision yesterday and then those nasty terrorists go and strike all over the news today but heck I have all the way till January for things to calm down and I'm NOT going to let them jerks rule my life! Of course I may get on my butt and get some real life insurance and write my will before that!
OK friends (I so want to say peeps here but everyone else already says that), that's all for me today! Hope you all have an awesome Thursday! Signing out!


Rachael Giallongo said...

Wow, you are going to have a BLAST at CHA! And kudos on the soup diet! Fill me in on the details. I am so tired of being a blubber whale.

Jolene George said...

5 pounds!!!! Way to go! I so want to see the numbers on my scale go down! I will just have to work harder!
Being with your friends at CHA will so be worth the long flight.

karen said...

YOU are flying to CALIFORNIA?!?! Well, I guess if anything will get you there, CHA will. lol! Just talk to your doctor about some anti-anxiety meds and you'll be all set. Should be a very fun time!

mumsascrappa said...

Kudos to you on the soup diet and the bike riding!!!

WOW!!! California and CHA!!! all in one trip! What more could a scrappy gal ask for!!