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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Another Busy Weekend

So last night's scrapping plan went right out the window. I got Josh off to my moms, and had plans to drop Jake at his first ever "Camp Out" at 7pm. Well we got to the daycare at 7 on the dot. We of course don't own a tent so were just hoping Jake could bunk up with someone. One of our good friends and manager of the daycare Brian told us to go to his house and get his house from his wife. Of course I can't just run there and back, I have to chat with Janine (it's what I do best isn't it?) for at least half an hour (and Jake didn't mind running around with some friends there)! We get back to the camp out at 7:50! I get Jake all settled in the tent and am now chatting there! I get home at 8:15! LOL! So I sit down at the computer to edit a photo I want to scrap of the most adorable baby girl (my neighbor's grandaugther), needed to take some b/g stuff out and by the time I finished editing an printing it, it's 9:15 and Michael is home from his cruise night. So I decided it was too late to start because I'd end up being up all night and I have to be up really early today (what's up with that? no kids and up early on Sat?) to clean house.
Yep, gotta clean the house and be done by noon, then have to shower and get ready to leave her by 12:45 to be at my cousin's bridal shower. She's getting married next month. Tomorrow my MIL and FIL are arriving to spend the night. They are coming home from being on a trip to Alaska since June 2nd! Everyone can't wait to see them! And they have never spent the night here so the boys are so excited! I have to get to the grocery store somewhere in there and get some of FIL's favs, some wine and dinner for tomorrow night! They estimate they will be here around noon tomorrow. They have been sending the coolest photos from their trip so I can't wait to see more! I have always wanted to go to Alaska! They drove cross country in their Motor Home and stayed in some beautiful country. That is a dream trip of mine!
Anyway, I better get my butt off here and start cleaning, need to pick Jake up by 8:30! Have a great day all!


Cindy said...

Wow, that's so interesting that your inlaws are coming to your house! Hm! You need to give me a call sometime so we can chat. ;) Hope your house is sparkly and you have a great time.

MaryE said...

Hey Pam, I'll take that trip to Alaska with you, Motor Home and all. But first I must cruise to Hawaii.

Jolene George said...

Your gift for gab won out this time. Hopefully you can sneak in some scrapping time soon. Enjoy the rest of your weekend with your inlaws.

Jolene George said... said you upgrade to beta blogger. What is the diffrence or benefits with it?

Rachael Giallongo said...

Hope their trip was wonderful and that you all enjoyed spending time together! ;)