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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Hurray It's Saturday!

My favorite day of the week! Well yesterday was pretty good too! Had the day off, Chris is in town visiting her dad so she came and hung out at my class Thurs night and then we spent the day together yesterday. I took her over to meet Rachael since they have only met online and both wanted to meet IRL. That was fun, Rachael gave me lots of fun AT stuff to play with one of my classes for the Cape too so I've got to get busy today (after I clean the house!)

Chris and I are taking a class by Tim Holtz on Monday so I am stoked for that! We'll be making a Junkitz ruler book and it should be loads of fun! I'm going to bring my Meeting Tim page to see if he'll sign it for me. I know kinda geeky but I thought it would look cool on the layout! ;)

So that's it for me, just cleaning house and hanging out today and tomorrow so nothing more exciting to talk about! Hopefully I'll have something to show for it! ;)

OH almost forgot, have you seen this yet? The Digi Dares. Looks like so much fun and I've already got my first dare page planned out!

OK now that's really it for me! Have a great weekend!


Jodene said...

How nice that you got to hang out with Chris! And cool that you guys get to do a class with Tim. I don't think it's geeky at all that you get his autograph for your layout, it's the perfect embellishment! lol
YOur Saturday sounds like mine :) Although mine is over and I spent the whole day cleaning, shopping and playing Taxi. Now hopefully I can spend Sunday playing in my scrap room. LOL

Jolene George said...

I'm glad they finally got to meet IRL.
I don't think your's a great idea and would be a nice finishing touch to the layout.
Why must our kids keep messing up our houses? I've got some cleaning to do around here today! ...sigh...