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Friday, August 11, 2006

Hey Hey it's Friday!

Happy Friday! It's almost my favorite day of the week! Just have to get thru today! Last day of the soup diet too. I think I'm gonna be done with the weight loss at 5 pounds but heck that's better than nothing. I'll start it up again on Monday and see if I can get down another 5 next week and be at my goal weight!
We are going to a friends annual luau tomorrow so no diet for me! Way too much fun luau food and drink! ;) Also a chance to see friends I only see a few times a year some of them only at this party! So much fun! Michael plays horseshoes all day, the boys swim and jump in the bounce house they rent and I gab the day away with my best friend since 8th grade and her sister (the hostess) and some other ladies from high school. It's the best time! We'll also stop off at my BIL's house for a quick Hello since they live right up the street from the party house.
The pond is officially ready for fish! We have four coming in on Tuesday all the way from FL! I won them on Ebay and I can't wait! I have to be there for the FedEx guy when they deliver. One of them is a sparkly silver and it looks so gorgeous in the photo so I cannot wait to see it in person! Hope they all make the trip OK! My BIL buys fish off Ebay all the time and has even had them shipped from Japan so hopefully the FL trip will be nothing! ;)
I better get to work now, hopefully this day will fly by, gotta get some desserts cooked tonight for tomorrow and find our hawaiian garb! Have a great day!


mumsascrappa said...

Have fun at the luau!! Should be a fantastic day for it!! Good Luck getting the fish pond going again! That fish does sound really pretty! Sounds like you are feeling better! Congrats on the success with the soup diet! Good luck again next week! Have a great day!

Jolene George said...

Friday is my favorite day of the week too! Date night with my hubby. :o)