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Thursday, May 4, 2006

No Time for Bloggin!

Man! Even with rain all week sports are killing me. Soccer Monday, one cancellation and one game in the cold mist so far. Then we have more Friday, the baseball parade on Sat am, then Soccer and Baseball at the same time, then another baseball game in the afternoon. I need a clone! My mom is going to the soccer game and I'm going to the baseball game since Michael will be out of town until Saturday afternoon sometime. Then we have another practice on Sunday. No breaks for these kids. You'd think they were playing pro or something!!! Jeesh!
Well one thing, money talks! Money on two software upgrades and an installation package and we may get the gallery up by the end of the week I hope!!! We have a cyber crop planned for this weekend and I'd like for everyone to be able to use it! I know I haven't been scrapping so I don't need it but everyone else does! LOL! Thank goodness for good patient members!
Well off to a doctor's appt and work. Have a great day everyone!


Chris said...

Keeping my fingers crossed!

September said...

Thoughts are with you! you can do it!

Rachael Giallongo said...

Glad to see the gallery back! I missed seeing the great work of all your members!