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Thursday, May 11, 2006


Yep, that's what I am! I just love the show but every week I'm left so confused! I'm also left loving the episode but I am totally LOST!!! And then when you read about the book and the coporation and the websites forget it! I can't go there! Holy cow! They must be making a bundle! I'm just gonna watch and see how far it goes because I'll never figure it out! Oh and can I just say, all those gorgeous guys on the show have the most butt ugly wives IRL!! I'm sorry but it's true, there were some photos of them on the set with them and these women are homely (and yes very lucky too)! So totally not what I expected.
Oh and I've got a new digi layout! I've been dying to use this kit by Robin Carlton. It's available at It's called A Taste of Home. I snuck this photo of my hunny on Easter. He hates having his pic taken about as much as me. ;) So when he wasn't looking...
I also got a good one of him actually posing but I did that one in a paper layout that I cased from my good pal Rachael. All my good pages are cases of Rachaels! And since she's back to paper mode I've got lots more inspiration from her! Yippee!
So it's been raining all week, two baseball games have been rained out so far. We have two makeup games schedued for Friday and Sunday and two games scheduled for Saturday plus a soccer game. Holding my breath to see how those go. It' supposed to rain right thru the weekend! I can't complain, our pump for the well is dead and we don't have the funds to buy a new one right now so with that and the brush fires we really need the rain. I feel bad for the boys tho.

What is everyone doing for Mother's Day? Me, I'd just love to spend the day in my scraproom, have absolutely no responsibilities but to scrap! Not hear the word "Mama" one time! But of course I have a Mom to do something with so that's no gonna happen. I also have a DH that thinks I have to do something fun! Of course he doesn't realize that a full day of scrapping would be fun for me! LOL! I think eggs benedict for breakfast and not having to make lunch or dinner would be perfect! Oh and I want a new gas grill, nothing too fancy, just something that will self-ignite! :)

Have a great Thursday everyone, I'm off to eat some lunch!


Tammy said...

I have no idea what "Lost" is, so when everyone is talking about it I really am "Lost" LOL Sounds like you are keeping busy and your Mother's Day idea sounds great, but it won't be happening for me either.

Rach said...

I like your MD idea too .. but looks like our kids actually want to do something WITH us, instead of granting our wishes and just leaving us be. I'm not sure what we're doing either.

I'm as lost as you are with LOST. There's so much you can analize about the show, yet if I start that, I KNOW I'll not understand it any better. All I can say is I love the show!
Where'd you see pics of the guys with their IRL wives? I'd love to see what you mean. :P

Chris said...

I'm LOST too! Every show leaves me wondering more, and I miss stuff even you guys see, so I'm really out there in the fog. Maybe I should watch, instead of listen while doing something else.

Rachael Giallongo said...

You rocked Robin's kit!!!!!!