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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Blue Skies and a Rainbow!!!

Yep, when the sun peeked out last night I yelled! I saw a rainbow on the news and wish I could have gotten a photo of it but it wasn't in our area. Man it was so nice to see the sun after a week straight of rain! I came to work today, there is another guy in my group that is still out pumping. There are people way worse off than me so I am very grateful that we didn't have any damage. I am wondering how long it will take for things to get back to normal, there are so many roads/businesses closed and kids still out of school. I have never seen anything like this in my life! So happy to see the sunshine! Josh has a baseball game tonight, the field should be nice and muddy. Jake has Travel Soccer tryouts. The road the field is on has been closed due to flooding so I'm wondering what that field looks like since it's right next to the river that flooded the road! We shall see tonight! May be a swimming try out instead! ;)
Sox Update:
Sox is adjusting well to the house, he knows his way around well and we are able to leave him out all night now. We don't trust him alone with Jasper during the day yet since Jasper seems to want to go for the jugular but hopefully by the end of the week they will be friends! He's not fond of Bear yet and keeps a very large distance from her, if she gets to close to him, he lets out the biggest hiss he can! Pretty funny seeing such a little thing hiss and spit at a 65 pound Pit Bull. Bear just walks awa, she's such a good girl! I got some great photos of him the other day so I see some more Sox layouts in my future! I think I need some kitty papers tho! ;) Maybe at the convention this week!
Oh yea, the convention, that's Friday and Saturday! I have 2 classes on Friday and 1 Sat. Then I teach Saturday afternoon. I think I'm set. Just need to create an outline so I don't forget anything. I'm nervous about teaching so many people, at such a big venue and I'm also looking forward to it. Very mixed feelings. Please send good thoughts!
So that's all I've got for today! Have a happy Hump Day!


Rach said...

Sending you the best of luck vibes for this weekend's convention. I know you'll blow them away with your work. :)

And yay! I bet you were never happier to see blue skies. I'm glad your home was spared from the worst of it. :)

Chris said...

Sounds like life is looking up at your house. Glad you made it OK without damage.

You'll be fine this weekend...a little nervous is a good thing.

Jolene George said...

Pam...the sun shining is good news. I love how brave little kittens pretend to be. They are so cute!
I'm wishing you luck with teaching but you wont need it. I'm sure you will only get positive feedback from your students. Just have fun with it.

Rachael Giallongo said...

Sox is just the cutest name but when I read that you were updating, I figured it was the baseball team you meant, LOL. See you at the convention today! Dont stress about teaching, youre gonna do GREAT!