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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Got Water?

It's been raining here in NH for so long I can't remember when it started! We've got some major flooding problems. There was no school yesterday in all of New Hampshire, a lot of Massachusettes and today there are several school closings as well. Lots of roads closes too. I have never seen so much rain in my entire life. Manchester has had a total of 11" so far and today there is another 1" in the forcast! I have to sit at home and watch the hole in our basement! If the waterlevel gets any higher than it is I have to start pumping it to keep from losing everything in it! See when we first built the house they didn't put the perimeter drain in deep enough and to boot they didn't put an escape in for it so about a month after we moved in our basement flooded. We had to have the builder come back and dig a nice hole in our brand new floor so now we have a hole about the size of a man hole cover that fills with water every spring. It's never filled more than about 6". This week, up to the very top, but not over the concrete, it's about an 1" which is why I'm sitting at home chained to the house watching it! NOT FUN and SCARY!!! Michael can't do it because they are on a huge deadline at work and of course short handed! And the rain is still coming down!
So here is a photo I took of the Passaconaway Golf Course in Litchfield last night. It is completely under water. This is a very nice course and there is normally no water where you see water!!! I took the boys down to see it last night after the Schwan's guy told us about it. We'd been in the house all day Sunday and Monday and were pretty stir crazy anyway. It was amazing to see. I have been just shaking my head at the stuff on TV so to see this in real life, WOW! And here I thought nothing happened in NH!
Well I'm off to get the boys up, this is my life until the rain stops, praying it stops soon, not just for me so I can go back to work but for all the people who have had to leave their homes and for all the turmoil it is causing! I know we needed the rain but man, not this much!

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Jolene George said...

WOW Pam! All that rain is amazing! We rarely get rain here. It was 105 on Mother's Day and 103 today. We did get in a HUGE dust storm this afternoon followed by some sprinkles to turn the dust to mud. I can't complain since you are dealing with such a mess there. Hope it doesn't rise!