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Sunday, May 7, 2006

Is it Monday Yet?

Man! I'm gonna need to go to work to get a break from this weekend!!!

Best thing that happened was that the gallery was fixed by noon on Friday just in time to start our NSD Cyber Crop! And the crop has been going well so far considering a lot of the faculty was away at their own NSD stuff and whatnot! I've been seeing some great stuff added to our newly updated gallery! Woohoo!

Yesterday we left the house at 7:25 for the baseball parade, got home at about 9:30. Then turned around and left again at 11:15 for a baseball and soccer game (at the same time)! Then ran home to get Jake for his baseball game that he had to be at at 2:15. We got home at 5pm! Very long day! By this point I had a killer headache but since Michael had been gone since Friday he wanted to take the boys fishing for a bit so I snuck down to my room to fit in a page. It came out pretty cute considering I was limited on what to use! I did the Creativity Jar challenge and could only use Red, Paint, and Beads. Here is the page.
So this morning I put up the last of my sketches, and my final challenge. Now I'm off to clean the house, take Jake to practice at 12:30 and hopefully get some more scrapping in this afternooon! That's gonna be a huge stretch tho!
Thank you to everyone for your support during my very frustrating week last week! Have a great day!

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Lesley said...

Glad to hear your site is back up and running and that you were able to get some scrapping done. Good job with the challenge!