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Friday, March 17, 2006

Yeah Friday!

Man for a short week it was long! I'm so glad it's Friday! Here is another of my favorite photos from the Cape. This is in front of what they called my "Wall of Fame". It was a wall in the store full of pages by me. You can actually get a glimpse of Jake behind Andrea's head and my H3 behind Chris's! LOL! That cup I am holding is not coffee, it's a Watermelon Martini!

Baseball tryouts tomorrow. Spring Monday! It sure doesn't seem like it with the cold weather! I am looking for signs of Spring everywhere I can though! I did see buds on my magnolia! Hopefully I'll see crocus popping up soon too. Granted there is still snow in my backyard!

Class went well last night, I think they all liked it but didn't make any sales! ;) I guess I didn't push that paint and ink enough! Now I've got to figure out what I'm gonna teach April - June! Also got some of the new Crate Papers! Boy are they gorgeous! Oh and picked up some of the American Traditional Bohemian Chic line! (Love that stuff Rachael!) So hopefully I'll get some playtime this weekend. Gotta do my class stuff for the CK Convention! I have some ideas already, just have to get them on a two page layout and a card. The papers and the ribbons are terrific! Looking foward to teaching for the convention now just need to come up with something to their standards! Nervewracking!

OK well I'm outta here! Have a great Friday!


Rach said...

Another FABULOUS photo! Your wall of fame looks awsome! :D

Rachael Giallongo said...

What an awesome pic....... and that drink sounds so yummy, I want to grab it right from ya! LOL