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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

My Son's a Better Scrapper than Me!

So Josh is in the driveway playing basketball one minute and the next he's at the front door screaming his head off and there is blood everywhere! He made a basket and the ball came back down and whacked him in the mouth. Knocked his tooth almost all the way out. It's hanging on by a thread!!! Thing bled for like 1/2 an hour or more! Totally gross! So we finally get it stopped and he says his mouth is OK and of course he's more concerned with grossing me out by wiggling it around. This morning in the car Jake says to me "Mama, you should have taken a picture of that tooth"! Now of course I know by the end of the day it's gonna be out. So he says to Josh "Josh, make sure it stays in so Mama can take a picture of it!" LOL! Have I groomed my kids or what?
Another fun photo from my weekend! This one was up on the Junkitz Blog!! I saw it yesterday and was so happy to be included in the Junkitz fun! I did the CD Holder M&T with Janna's new papers and mentioned to Stacy that I read her blog so of course she wanted a photo for the blog! I was honored! Stacy and Kenny from Junkitz are the nicest people and they make the cutest couple! Kenny did a M&T at the Ranger table with me and I got a photo of him too!

OK well I guess that's all the news I have for now and I really should get off here so you all have a great Tuesday!


Rach said...

Gotta love when our kids start reminding US to take a photo, hey? I hope that tooth was already loose or poor Josh sure got a smack in the face. :(

Jolene George said...

GOOD BOY! and good mom for giving him the proper training! :o)