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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Hiedy Ho!

Melissa that one's just for you! ;)
It was a lot of fun last night, all the kinds were terrific, and got along great. Melissa, Rachael and I got some stuff done (Rachael paper scrapped!) and it was a good time! It was great to see everyone! Sorry Lesley couldn't make it but maybe next time! I will definitely have them back again even if they tried to corrupt me! :) I have all kinds of new stuff on my wish list tho! Melissa had some awesome Heidi Swapp stuff I want and Rachael had some new stuff I loved too so I want to go shopping!!! Rachael gave me a cool huge pin to use on a snow page (it's almost done) thats made by Around the Block I think and they are so cool! Thanks Rachael! Melissa has like every Heidi product out there so now I want a bunch of her rub-ons! I only got one circle journal entry done, another one started and a layout started but the visiting was way more fun anyway! We had pizza and margaritas and chocolate so it was perfect in every way! Once Rachael sends me the photos I'll share!
Now I'm off to do some housework before I go to see Tim Holtz! Happy Saturday everyone!

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Rachael Giallongo said...

Phew! Glad to hear we will be invited back! I thought we really horrified you! ;)