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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Woohoo! Check this out!

See that "Special Guest Artist's" Name? Yep that's me! This is the news I was hinting too last week. My good pal Rachael asked me to do a collaborative sketch kit with her and of course I said yes! So for one day I'm a designer! Actually the kit will be up for more than one day but I think the glory will fade! ;)

So if you digi scrap and you like templates go on over and check them out here, it's $2 and you get a bunch of sketches!

I've been home sick for the last two days. I'm still working because I can work from home but still. :) I have some kind of ickiness going on and I think it's time to go to the doctor since I've been coughing for 3 1/2 weeks now! So now to get off my butt and make the appt. I hate going to the doctors!

Oh and tomorrow is squish my tata in a vice day. It's October so very appropriate! I have a very good friend going thru Breast Cancer right now and it really makes me sad but also very aware that I need to take care of myself. So here's my reminder to all of you ladies out there, get the TaTa's checked!

Over and Out!


Cindy said...

Congratulations Pam! That is very very exciting news about your sketch designs. I hope it's the start of something big! Oh, and my tata squeezing appointment is on the 18th, so I'll be with you in spirit tomorrow. (I've never done it before.) And girl, get yourself to the doctor pronto! No more ickies for you.

donnapiranha said...

How fun!!! Glad you're going for the ta-ta squeezin'. You know I had breast cancer and got through it. Four years ago now. Wheeee. I hope things turn out well for your friend!

Also, sorry you're feeling sick. Coughing is a drag but if you don't get it taken care of it can really mess up your lungs so get your butt to the doctor, young lady!

Jodene said...

Thanks for the friendly reminder Pam. I am quite good with my self exams, as an early discovery usually means a better prognosis!
Sorry to hear you are feeling sick .. get yourself to the Dr girl! You know you would have taken the kids by now if it were them so you have to take care of yourself too.
And a big CONGRATS on the guest DT gig :)

Janette said...

Hi Pam,
VERY cool about your sketch designs. You are so cool and talented. Good girl about getting your twins the old squeezing, too bad it's not so pleasing. Ha! Sorry to hear about your friend. But she is lucky to have you as her friend. Hope you get to the doctor soon for your coughing it can drag on and on if you don't. Take care and get well soon.

P.S. The lace I use on my layouts is from Walmart. I'm sure you can find it in fabric stores too. :)

jencaputo said...

Oohhhhh Congrats Pam!!! Going to pick em up now! I'm so proud of ya!!!
Hey, I mention 123-scrap in my DiscTalkRadio interview if ya listen :)

Lynette vB said...

Congratulations on the gig Pam! and YEP I did the TATA thing last month. Why don't they make those machines friendlier to your face? ...they make you mash your face at the same time as your tata is squozed...

Kristi Smith said...

Congrats . . . how fun!!!

Hope you are feeling better.

Hope your friend is doing well. I can't imagine having to go through that. Good for you for getting your TaTa's checked.