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Friday, October 26, 2007

My Baby is 9 Today!

This cutie pie (see Lynette how cute he is for Peyton?) is 9 today! I can't believe that it was 9 years ago that he was born! Man where does the time go! This is not his bday photo, that is still in the camera but it's pretty recent. I took some photos this morning of him in and out of his Halloween costume. He was very excited that it was his bday, the Scarecrow Jamboree and the Halloween Party at school all in one day. And tonight he picked a great place to go for dinner so it should be a good day for him overall! Then we do it all over again on Sunday for Jake! LOL!

I also took some beautiful sunrise photos finally! Every day the sunrise on my way to work is amazing and I keep wishing I had my camera. Well today since I had it out, I took it in the car with me and pulled over and took some photos at a good spot. There was a ton of fog and it seemed like perfect photo opportunities so hopefully when I download them they will look good!

So glad it's Friday even tho we have a busy weekend in store. Even with a day off Tuesday it seems like the week just drags by!

Oh and on the DD update, I didn't go back. I get coffee there a lot and I am too paranoid of what will happen to my Latte when they are brewing it to speak up! Yeah, I think about that every time I go to a restaurant too! LOL! So I'm all bark and no bite sometimes! But thanks to all of you for your support!

Happy Friday All!


karen said...

Happy birthday Josh!! And happy birthday to you too, Jake!! You both look sooo much older than when we saw you last year. Hope you all have a fun-filled birthday weekend!!

Lynette vB said...

Happy Birthday Josh! Yes, you handsome brute! I have a saucy little minx downunder that would agree!

Pam, isn't it sad that we peddle our darling children? ha! Well, we're their mothers and we're allowed to!

Kristi Smith said...

HEY!!! Peyton is going to marry Cole!!!

I want tan grandchildren!!!


Happy Belated Birthday Josh!

Did you ever find out about your $20???