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Thursday, October 4, 2007

The Lives of Boys.

So yesterday the boys had dentist appointments. I always threaten them that they are going to have cavities because they don't brush good enough and they hardly ever floss! I am always proved wrong tho! They need just one filling to teach them how important their teeth really are!
So they always have the same girls do their teeth, Jake has Jen and Josh has this angel named Laurie. Man she loves Josh and she has so much patience with him. That kid is a handful, he talks thru the whole cleaning, has to hold a mirror to watch her every move and plays with everything. I am always ready to kill him and Laurie takes it all in stride. Well the first thing the boys did when we get there is brush since I had picked them both up from school and we went right there. So you know what comes next, the blue stuff! You know the stuff to see where you missed. I couldn't wait! Damn, they actually did pretty good. Only right in the front was bad which I guess is very common. They both thought it was very cool to have blue teeth. So I say to Josh, you need to brush better all the time so you won't have that plaque and what does he say to me... "I've got more important things to worry about than teeth"! Well I thought Laurie was gonna laugh right out of her chair. What does he have to worry about at the ripe old age of 8? I asked but that was the time he decided to be quite in the chair! LOL! They left the dentist with good reports and we went on to baseball practice for Josh.
So while Josh is out practicing Michael and I are watching and Jake is playing with our neighbor's son. Jake comes over and sits down and tells me that there is a dance on Friday night at school. His FIRST school dance! YIKES!!! I say very calmly, "are you going?" he says " I don't know, all my friends keep asking me but I've got more important things to do than a dance"! What is up with my boys, they have all this important stuff going on and I've had no input in it?Friday nights usually consist of the boys staying out late to play or us all going out to dinner. I never realized they had all this "stuff" going on! LOL!
Well it ends up that Jake decides he is going. It's from 7:30 - 9:30 and I so wish I could be a fly on the wall! I mean it is his first one after all! I'm not sure if I want there to be blog stories after it or not!
I guess we'll find out tomorrow night! Have a great Thursday!


Lynette vB said...

haaa! from the mouths of babes!

You know, being a kid is hard work! Gotta love em...

Janette said...

Hehehehe! Oh that's so funny. My girls were that same way. Then this year Tara at the age of 21 ended up having a mouth full all at once. So it will catch up sooner or later. Keep after them Mom! We always know best! =)

Jolene George said...

LOL! I needed a laugh! Your boys crack me up!
You'll have to fill us in on the dance...should he tell you anything. :o)
Congrats on the design team too.
The bear pictures sound like the perfect way for you all to remember.

Tammy said...

Boys - yes - I know all about them! LOL Ya just gotta love 'em

Rachael Giallongo said...

More important things to do?? That is HYSTERICAL!

Kristi Smith said...

I have had to cancel Cole's appt. twice and it takes forever to get in and his teeth are getting really crooked . . . I am sure braces are in our near future. UGH! He doesn't brush good either, but so far, not cavities. I have a mouth full!!! Apparently, I had more important things to do. lol