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Sunday, October 7, 2007

I Shopped and Shopped and Shopped and...

shopped again!

Yesterday was the Scrapbook store bus tour. I left my house at 6am and got home at 9pm. 55 of us boarded a tour bus and headed to 5 stores in two states departing from the first one making it a day of shopping at 6 stores. I actually didn't buy anything at 2 of them. One because it was so new it shouldn't have even been on the tour, they had nothing but a few cute ideas! They did have a nice make and take tho so I'll give them some credit. The last store, the owner was so rude there was no way I was giving her one cent of my hard earned money! But don't worry, I did plenty of damage at the other 4 stores! Here's my stash:

The first store was the best of the bunch and I'm glad because it's only about 35 minutes from me so I can go back often! They are new too and doing a fantastic job already! They have a nice crop room and a Dunkin next door and it's a half way point for Mary and I to get together! FUN!
I have already used some of the Disney stuff I bought today, I did 2 2 page layouts! Woohoo! That should make a dent in my 1200 photos! NOT! LOL! But it was fun to scrap and use new goodies and I've got 5 pages done in my Disney Album!
Both boys won their games this weekend an Jake hit a ground rule double! And I got home to a clean house because Michael decided to surprise me! The only bad part of the day was the bus was lacking in the A/C department and it being almost 90 yesterday and having 55 women in one place made it very warm! The tour guide for us more than made up for it tho. She was a hoot! Her name was Sharon and she made the bus ride fun despite the heat! So all in all it was a great day yesterday.
So that's my Sunday post, I'm off to watch my DVR'd CSI! Have a great night!


donnapiranha said...

Yummy!!!! What fun. I had never heard of a tour like that. I bet the bus was wild.

Mary E said...

Oh Yea!!! We had fun....can't wait to meet up at our, newest scrapbook hang out!

Jodene said...

That is a pretty impressive haul Pam! I can't wait to see all the PAPER layouts you create with it ;P (like I should talk, having done my first couple of pages at all in several months!) lol

Sounds like it was an awesome bus tour.

Tammy said...

What a fun trip! All of your new scrap stuff looks great!

Jolene George said...

How fun would that be!!! You got some great things. I wouldn't have given the rude store owner a cent of my money either.
Congratulations to the boys and your husband is a sweetheart!

Kristi Smith said...

Oh my, I would be so in trouble going on a tour like that. Nice loot.

Good for the boys, and could Michael come clean my house?