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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Extreme Home Makeover in NH

actually in Manchester, NH which is the next town over from me. Well techinally Manchester is a City but you get the picture. So I took a vacation day from work to go over and volunteer on the home building. I got there bright and early this morning and got turned away. They told me to come back at noon. I got there at 11:30 and there was a big sign that no more volunteers were needed today. I tried right! I guess I don't get to see Ty IRL but I also don't have to get dirty! :)

Instead I ran some much needed errands, got my nails done and now I'm going to scrap! Might as well make good use of my wasted day off!

Oh and I got ripped of by the cashier at Dunkin Donuts! I paid for my latte and she only gave me coins back. I said "I gave you a 20" she said "no you gave me a 5" I said "I only had a 20 on me so that is not possible". She opens the register and shows me a 5 dollar bill. Like I'd recognize it? I decided that $15 wasn't worth fighting over really. I'm going to go back there on the way to pick up Josh from school and talk to a manager. Tell them if they are $15 over in the register at closing it's mine, and if they are not than the girl with the spiderwebs painted on her nails is stealing from people! At least if she is she'll now be watched I hope! Bad people suck!

So there's my day! Hope you all are enjoying yours!


Janette said...

I love that show. Too bad you could not help out. ;( At least you were able to scrap and get a few other things done on your day off. We all need days like that.

I sure hope you get your 15 dollars back. I'm glad you didn't let it go. People like that need to be watched. You go girl. I sure hope the coffee was good!

Have a scrap happy day!

karen said...

Awww, too bad you didn't get to help on the house. I would LOVE to do that!! Can you go over and cheer when the family gets home?

An afternoon of scrapping - I'm in the mood for that. Actually a whole weekend would do me good.

Hope you get that $15 back. :-(

Jodene said...

You're right Pam - bad people do suck! I hope you managed to talk to the manager.

I LOVE your layouts, and those frames are gorgeous! You did a great job and they look so good on the wall. It's nice to see you still doing some paper scrapping (not that your digi stuff isn't awesome too!!!).

Suzanne said...

Sorry Pam, that stinks about Dunkin Donuts. Guess they never learned "the customer is always right." Hmphf. I'd be interested in an update and hope that SOMEone comes to their senses and gives you your $15.

donnapiranha said...

I also would be interested in an update. It seems that managers don't teach people how to handle money properly. She should have set that $20 on, not in, the register while doing your change. Then there would be no question.

So what was the outcome?

dawn said...

Did you get your $15 back? Dunkin Donuts can really suck sometimes! It has been so exciting having Extreme Makeover in the area. Too bad you did not get to help. They do amazing things! And Ty is cute too!! :-)