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Sunday, October 28, 2007

A 12 Year old and Sunrise

Jake is 12 today. Next year is teenage years YIKES!! He had a great day today and yesterday. Had a friend spend the night, we stayed up till 1am watching the Red Sox and they won and then today we went bowling, had his requested Chicken Parm for dinner, and Peanut Butter Ice Cream cake for dessert! Gotta love that your kid requests something you make for his bday dinner vs. going out to a restaurant!

Remember that sunrise I mentioned in a previous post. Well here it is:
It was actually better IRL because it was foggy and the field and the foliage were covered in fog! Way cool!

Oh I got two more paper pages done last night while watching the new game. Oh and Mary, I also did all the Make and Takes and the Mini Album that we got on the bus tour!

OK, that's it for me, I'm ready for bed after only 5 hours of sleep last night! Have a great night!


Mary E said...

wow Pam you've been busy...and great sunrise shot.

Lynette vB said...

Wow! Great pic AND you have another birthday boy!

Happy birthday Jake!

I have 4 children and their birthdays are all within the space of about 3 weeks. I gave up parties for each of them a while ago!

dawn said...

That is a GREAT pic! Can't wait to see all the projects that you have completed! :-)

donnapiranha said...

Peanut butter ice cream cake sounds yummy! Happy Birthday to Jake and get yourself geared up for the teenage years! EEK

Rachael said...

Oh that is beautiful!!!!

Kristi Smith said...

Great photo, I love looking at the sky!!!

Wow, you have been busy, and I thought I have been busy!!! =)

Happy Belated Birthday Jake!

Hey, did you ever find out about the $20? =)