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Tuesday, December 26, 2006


Back to work for a vacation! LOL!
It's been an exhausting few days! I had Wed thru yesterday off and man I am glad to be back at work today to slow down! I had very little sleep (bed at midnight and up at 5am every day) and go go go! Work is like a ghosttown this week so I'll enjoy the quite time!
We had a terrific Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and everyone was very happy with all their gifts! Only a couple of exchanges needed! Woohoo!
I made enough food to feed an army and there were only 7 of us yesterday so we'll be eating turkey, stuffing, potatoes, etc for a week. I brought 2 pies and a huge plate of cookies into work, I don't want those at home! Salad for lunch today (topped with turkey of course), gotta get ready for CA the end of January you see!
So what did you all get from Santa? I hope he was good to you? I got a new coat, some gorgeous black boots, some new perfume (I told him I wanted a new scent), an unbelievably soft nap blanket, bathrobe and matching slippers (in pink of course), some Lindt Dark Chocolates, and a pink Red Sox bear! I also got a Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 lens, a new camera backpack case and a Digital SLR Cameras & Photography For Dummies.
Oh and I got this for my Ipod from my friend Wendy! And an Itunes G/C from another pal. And my friend Karen made me the most gorgeous accordian album with a matching box for my favorite Xmas photos. I've got to post a photo of it here. It's just amazing!
So all in all it was just a great Christmas, I've got no complaints except that I probably ate a bit too much! ;)
Hope all of yours was the same and I can't wait to hear what you all got! Post here and tell me OK? :)
Happy Tuesday!


Lisa said...

Santa was very good to me this year, too! I got cash from both of my parents, cd's and dvd's I wanted so badly, but didn't dare spend money on, gorgeous earrings and another year with my family on Christmas Eve. BTW, the previous post of your house is absolutely spectacular. Beautifully done! Great job!!!

MaryE said...

Now that the holidays are over we must get together! And thanks for all the great comments you leave on my blog...your the best! Happy new year my friend.

mumsascrappa said...

Santa was definitely good to you Pam. I bet those boots look great on you! Happy New Year!

karen said...

Santa was good to you! Thanks for the sweet things you said about the album I made you. Glad that you like it. Get those Christmas pics in there!

Love the photo of your house by the way!

Kristi Smith said...

I didn't get nuthin' for Christmas because I was bad=(. Hee-hee.

Glad you were good.

Remember I have a tendency to lie.=)

September said...

We had a wonderful family Christmas at home this year, which is VERY unusual and very exciting! Tomorrow night (once I get off work) we're driving out to my mom's for Christmas with my Mom and the in laws. Glad you had a great Christmas as well!

P.S. email me next week if you think of it. :)

miyon said...

Santa was very generous to you! Sounds like a very Merry Christmas! :)