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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

My Christmas Card

I think everyone but the one that was returned (sorry Rach!) that reads my blog has gotten their cards by now so I think it's safe to post. It's all digital and yes I know the two end photos look stretched. It was difficult getting them to fit in the squares being closer shots than the middle one so instead of fighting with it anymore I stopped. I didn't do a test print so it looked acceptable on the screen. Note to self, next time do a test print! I used Michelle Coleman's Merry Little Christmas kit to create my card.
I've gotten the comment that I need a little girl to hold the "O" in the middle already! No flipping way! I thought about trying to get the dog to hold it in her mouth but knew we'd be there for hours doing that! LOL!

Anyway, Happy Holidays to all! :) I actually made some progress on the gifts I am making last night, I've got two to finish up. Woohoo! And am hoping to finish my shopping one night this week, wish me luck!

Jake is wearing a sandle on one foot and a sneaker on the other today, I should have taken a picture. I also wish I had take a pic of his toe but I was too freaked out about all the blood I never thought to get it! Oh well! Hopefully it stays protected at school and he doesn't get bumped or stepped on, cause if he does I'll probably be able to hear him scream here at work (in another state)! ;)

And that's my post for today! Hope you all have a great Wednesday!


MaryE said...

Ohh, love the card. And I have seen your dog move and I think you could have propped the "O" up and called it a day. LOL

Jolene said...

I love the card and proudly hung it on my door. No girl for the O...maybe you and hubby should have been the O. :o)

Jolene said...

P.S. I tried to post several times about is owie toe. I hope nobody steps on it at school. Poor guy!
The only way I can post is if I click other then type my name, but not if I've tried to log in first...then it wont let me do anything. UGGG

miyon said...

Cute card!

Rachael Giallongo said...

I loved your card and that would have been HYSTERICAL if you got the dog to hold it!