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Thursday, December 7, 2006

Much Better!

I got the tripod out and took more tree photos. I am still using auto mode as I have no clue how to get the settings right even with good advice from my friend Jolene's friend Amy! So it will have to do! I really need a class! Anyway, I took one with no flash no lights and then another with lights and flash.

Here's the no flash:

And with the flash and lights on in the room:

I just love Christmas! I really need to take a day off and go shopping tho! I did get a few things for Jake into my cart last night so I've officially started! ;)
Hope you all have a wonderful Thursday!


MaryE said...

I love the pictures. First choice.. no flash thank you...

karen said...

I love the no-flash picture! Very cool. It looks like a painting. I can't believe you've had this camera for what, 2 years? And you haven't taken it out of auto? It's a lot of fun! Just start experimenting! And ask Santa to sign you up for a class. :-)

Jolene George said...

It's beautiful Pam! I want to smell it!
I got your card today. It made me smile. I don't know how you did it, but I love it....thank you!

Kristi Smith said...

Trees are ugly during the day with their lights turned least mine is. Very pretty tree. Could you come help me put mine up?