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Wednesday, December 6, 2006

O Christmas Tree

Yahoo! My tree is finally up and decorated! I have to say this photo isn't the best because I didn't play with the settings yet and it's a bit blurry but I just wanted to get it up!


Can I tell you my boys are a bunch of scrooges! Michael was outside hanging the lights and moaning and groaning the whole time! He hates Christmas. Jake and Josh were complaining, Jake saying it was boring, Josh saying he was tired of it! I was like man, I can't believe you all! I had the xmas music playing and they were totally ruining the mood! Next year I'm doing it myself!

I still need to take photos of my other decorations around the house too, especially my snowmen! And once Michael finishes the lights outside I'll post those. He really does do a terrific job as much as he hates doing it. :)
My cards are done and mailed as of this morning! Woohoo! Now if I could say that about my shopping! LOL!
That's it for me today! Happy Wednesday! Have a great one all!


mumsascrappa said...

Oh, do I know about Scrooges!! I've got my 2 here too! I pretty much do the decorating, and shopping, and wrapping myself too! I do it because I ENJOY IT!! If they don't, oh well!!

Your tree looks great!

Rach said...

Your tree is gorgeous! Is it real or fake?

miyon said...

Ach, I still need to do 3/4 of my Christmas shopping and have yet to even start my cards. You're so productive!

Jodene said...

The tree looks beautiful Pam (despite the scrooges) ;)
I had the opposite problem here. This year the girls wanted to decorate it by themselves, and let's just say I had a little trouble relinquishing my 'tree decorator crown' LOL They did do a good job though.