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Monday, December 11, 2006


So I get a call from the Daycare this afternoon saying Jake hurt his big toe and that he was OK but that his toenail was going to eventually fall off. That he was fine and even joking about it and that I didn't need to rush. So I decided to stay in work the 50 minutes I had left. Well bad decision on my part, by the time I got there, it had started to really bleed again and Jake had the chills and was really hurting. He was not too happy that I didn't get there sooner. And what a mess! Lots of blood and nastiness! I took him home and called the doc's office. While waiting for them to call back I called my neighbor (the nurse) and asked her to come and look at it. She determined his toe didn't look broken and helped us clean it up. We got it elevated and tried to get the bleeding to stop. Which it finally did, only to start up again! UGH!!! I gave him some children's motrin and made him lay down on the couch and not move. So Far So Good! The doc's office said it will not be too good tomorrow and that we need to watch it for infection and really keep it protected. Now I need to see if we can even get a shoe on it tomorrow! Highly doubtful!
I finally got my Basic Grey ornaments in! I am going to try to get them together and on my tree before it's time to take it down! :) I got the stars in Fruitcake and Dasher! They are so pretty in the pictures but I heard they aren't too easy to put together so hopefully they don't end up in my trash can! LOL!
OK, I'm off to hang with my poor kiddo! Have a great night!


MaryE said...

Oh Jake! I hope he's OK.

jencaputo said...

Yuck, poor Jake!!!! Got your Christmas card today - I love it!!! So cute!!!!

Can't wait to see the ornaments!

miyon said...

Poor Jake. :( Ouchie!!!