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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Tuesday Blues

Feels like Monday! I worked yesterday but from home due to a nice snowstorm! ICK! We got about 8" and no snow is too much for me! So the boys had no school and I was totally unprepared (I mean I had barely enough milk in the house for breakfast) so I couldn't send them to daycare with nothing to pack for lunch plus I really hate to drive in the snow since I totalled my Jeep anyway. Hummer or no Hummer! ;)

I did get to scrap a bit! We lost power at work for a couple of hours and since I organized my new paper racks all day on Sunday I really wanted to scrap! I have one for cardstock and one for pattern paper and man do these things rock! I finished Lisa's page and I got a page done using some new sponsor products from 3 Bugs in a Rug! Their stuff is so fun! I have got to get more from the LSS tonight, I hope it's in!
Then power came back on and it was back to work. :( We got to see Michael for about 20 minutes at dinner he worked from 7 am until 11:30 pm plowing so he's mighty tired today!
Tonight is NYOBC! We're reviewing Rachael and Melissa's Office Book! Course Idol is on too! Gonna have to rush this meeting! LOL! I need TIVO!!! I did love this book and not just cause I happen to know the authors either! But that did help! ;) No really Rachael and Melissa are very talented and their work in one book is just an awesome thing to have! OK you girls owe me now! Yeah right as if everyone is reading this blog!
OK so if anyone IS reading this blog and has had or has a 10yo boy with an ATTITUDE I need some help with mine!!! If I don't get some soon I'm gonna kill him or myself! I swear he's got a split personality! One minute he's the best kid in the world and the next he's the most hateful person I've ever seen! Is it possible to go through puberity at 10? HELP!!!!
Well since I am supposed to be working I better get back to it! Break's over! Have a great day!


Rachael Giallongo said...

I'll pay you for the book plug (not to be confused with a butt plug, LOL) later, girl! ;)

Carol said...

WHOA! Those are some mighty fine paper racks you have there!! :D

When you find out about how to handle your 10 year old, you can help me with my 8 year old! :D Hang in there, girl!

Rach said...

I'm so jealous of your paper racks!

Jodene said...

Sorry Pam, can't help you with the boy thing. But can I just say "nice racks!" :)

scrapping witch said...

My paper should be so organized. Beautiful!