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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Here I am on the puter again!

I'm supposed to be cleaning, I've got some done but this darn computer, I think it calls to me! Michael and the boy's went out Geocaching (yep that's a real thing) and they should be gone awhile. It's a pretty warm day so I can hope! I need to finish this house so I can go down to the scraproom and play myself!

We are probably gonna do some painting tomorrow. I am having some company in March (see yesterday's post) so I want to get this mess of a house in much nicer shape! I also need to buy a futon and an air mattress so they actually have a place to sleep!

So they were predicting a heck of a snowstorm for us on Tuesday but now it looks like it may not be too bad! I hope not, I'm gonna watch the weather constantly to be prepared tho! I so hate snow!!! Someday I'll get to Florida to live! If not I'll at least buy a burial plot there!

OK I guess I better scoot and go finish what I'm supposed to be doing! Have a great Saturday!


Rachael Giallongo said...

I want the snow......

[ducking from the eggs]

Cindy said...

I love geocaching! Sounds like a fun day. :)