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Friday, January 27, 2006


WOOHOO!!! I live for Fridays I think! I need to actually start playing the lottery so I can have a chance at winning the darn thing so I can stop this work gig and scrap all day! ;) Well at least while my kids are in school! I have so many ideas running around in my head right now (well actually for once I wrote them all down) and I want to play!!!

Gotta clean the house! Can you believe my vacuum broke! I have mom bringing hers over tomorrow (have to do her hair in exchange) so I can use it until our replacement part comes in. It's a part for the rug attachment so at least I can do the floors with mine. But last week had to skip over the rugs! YUCK!! I hate not having my whole house clean at once! I clean the house top to bottom every Sat and last week was when it broke. I was not happy! Yep I'm anal if you haven't already figured that out about me! ;)

So does anyone know where the heck January went? I can't believe Monday is the 31st already! Granted I'm not complaing! I am rushing March to be here! Cindy, Carol, Chris and Andrea are all coming to town and I so can't wait!! We are going to the Lighthouse Scrapbooking Croppin on the Cape for the weekend but first Carol, Chris and Andrea will be at my house on Thurs and also on Monday! I get to spend a whole 5 days with them!!!! So February, be my guest to speed on by! ;) I can't wait for March! Well except for the turning (shhhhhhh) 40 part!

OK enough of my babbling for one Friday! Have a great day!

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Carol said...

WOOHOO!!!! Can't wait to get there! :D It's gonna be some FUN!

Happy Friday!! :D