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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Smoothie Anyone?

You Are a Banana Smoothie

You are friendly and popular without even trying to be. People just like you.

You are easy to be around and never offend everyone. You're quite mild.

You have a warm demeanor, and many people find you to be inviting.

You are sympathetic and kind. You have a soft spot in your heart for everyone.


dawn said...

I am strawberry! LOL! Love your LO's below. They are awesome! Are you going to Tim? Saw what the classes were. Not sure I saw anything that appealing. I will let you know. :-)

donnapiranha said...

This is me, although the "you're not picky" is a little off. I am very picky about food. I suppose not as picky about doing different things.

You Are a Green Smoothie
You are a conscientious, health oriented person. You like fresh, whole foods.
You have an open mind about life. You enjoy all sorts of things, and you're not picky.

In fact, you believe the best things in life tend to be underrated or a bit intimidating.
You are bold and daring. You enjoy taking risks and living life to the fullest.