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Monday, June 29, 2009


Ick, I am sick. I’ve got a sore throat, sneezing, that itchiness that is in your ear but not really in your ear that you can’t scratch, yep, I have that bad in both ears! Plus I have a raging headache and I even took a nap yesterday! I never nap. I blame the constant rain! Which it is doing again today. I tell you if this is any indication what our winter is going to be like I’m putting in for a transfer down south fast!

Sadie went to the groomer for her first time on Saturday. Since we got her we’ve just been bathing her at home but she’s really shedding and needed her nails cut so I spent the money which I will not do again. She looked great but no better than we do and it’s only $7 for a nail trim so I’ll just do that from now on because it was not worth the almost $60 I spent. But she got a pretty pink bandana and looked adorable in it. Of course I was all over it but Michael and the boys hated it and want no signs that she is a girly dog since she’s a girly dog as it is being a golden. Ridiculous huh? I joke that Michael is insecure in his masculinity because he needs a rugged dog with no pink to be found! LOL! Anyway, she did look cute as a button, here is a photo I took before she ate the bandana!


We went to see Transformers 2 at Chunky’s Saturday night. It was so fun and the movie was awesome. If you don’t know what Chunky’s is, it’s a big movie theater with long tables and reclining seats from Lincoln Continentals where you can order dinner, drinks, dessert and such right there. It’s pretty cool as long as you pick the right seats! We are going to do it more often since everyone had a blast so if you know of any really good family movies out let me know! I of course forgot to take photos and I even had my little P&S in my purse!

Oh and this is a reminder to stop over at Hallie’s blog and donate! There is an amazing list of prizes you can win. Just one warning, don’t go on a Monday if you have a week stomach because she has a Morbid Monday post and the photos are not for the squeamish! LOL! But donating for Taking a Chance on Life fundraiser is worth it!

Not much else going on. I’ll close with a few digi pages I’ve recently done:

 lweifenbach-topoftheworld bclarkson-launchpad-129 AAvisoCookie624 mcato-springintoboyhood2

The page with the hearts is for my friend Amy in case you were wondering who those people were! :)

Have a great day!


Karen said...

Sorry to hear you're sick! :-( Sadie is just so sweet. I, of course, LOVE the pink bandana! It matches the color on my nails right now. :-)

Hope you feel better soon!

Chris said...

aha, maybe I know where my "bug" came from, altho' you got sick after me. I was sick last week - sore throat, cough, sneezing, sinus headache, etc. No ear itchies, though. So they must have been New Hampshire germs! Sadie is cute, but ouch! $60 bucks!! Look around for a do-it-yourself place. I take my dogs and it's only $16 with super turbo wash to get off the shedding hair and hi power dryers; elevated sinks, soap and towels included. Only $16 per dog. No fancy bandana, though.

Hope you feel better!

Jodene said...

Pam I am so sorry to hear you are feeling so bad ... hope you start feeling better soon!
Loved all of your layouts and I think Sadie looked adorable in her pink bandana. Tell the boys they can't make her a boy dog no matter how hard they wish for it ... and a girl dog should look girly ;) They need to just get over it. LOL

Kristi Smith said...

Hope you are feeling better! Cute layouts! That movie theater sounds way cool!