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Sunday, July 19, 2009

New Wheels!

I got me some new wheels today! We decided that it was a good time to trade in the H3 since the mileage wasn’t too high and it was still in great condition. Plus I was worried they won’t be making these anymore after 2009 so I just had to convince Michael. Well when we got a letter in the mail saying they were desperate for 2006 H3 trades and were willing to give me 120% of Market Value plus 0% financing we headed right down to the Hummer Dealership to make a deal. And a deal we got! My payment will not increase and now I’m driving around in this:


Oh and I scrapped a bit this morning as well:

baseball 2009 dream vacation

It was a fabulous weekend! Hope you all had one just as great!


Jheri said...

Nice wheels!

Tammy said...

Now that is a nice ride! Congratulations!

Kristi Smith said...

That is a fab looking vehicle. Great layouts too!

donnapiranha said...

Very cool, Pam. You're a lucky girl.
Love the layouts too. Good job.

Melinda said...

Cool ride!

Jodene said...

That is one cool looking car Pam! Is it still a Hummer? I can't tell from the pic.
I think you call them pick-ups there don't you? We call them utes :)