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Thursday, June 18, 2009

And yet another quiz...

Your Gift is Imagination

You are constantly dreaming. You are always thinking about what could be.

You love to express yourself in many ways. You have a way with words and tell vivid stories.

You love to be amused. You are good entertaining yourself, and other people find you hilarious.

You're the type of person who finds staying happy easy. There's always fun to be had!

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donnapiranha said...

Here's gift is Energy. (I think that's what it said. I'll have to go back and look.)
You are easily excitable, and you love to be on the go. You crave intensity.
You need to live a dynamic, interesting, and challenging life. Otherwise, you get bored.

It's hard for you to relax. You're constantly being inspired to do something.
You're the type of person who finds success, innovation, and creativity easy.