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Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Zoo

So on the Sweet Shoppe blog this week we were asked to talk about our favorite zoo animal. I’ve got lots because I love animals but the Tiger is my favorite and if it’s white, even better! Every year we visit the same Wild Animal park in York Beach, Maine where we go on vacation and when the white tiger is playing in the water I could stand there all day. But this past year I had the pleasure of going to San Antonio to visit my good friend Amy. We spent a day at the San Antonio Zoo and I found that I could sit and watch these guys all day too if I could

otter resized

otter 2 resized

They were so cute. Each time they dove in the water and came back out they would  go over to this one family, I think they thought one of the men had something for them and that one would sit up and beg and almost paw at the guy, it was so adorable!

So while I still love my tigers I am a huge otter fan now too!

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Jodene said...

Those otters are so cute Pam! Among my faves are the ringtailed Lemur, and the meerkats as well as the big cats. The snow leopard is just amazing! It is so hard to pick one favourite. LOL
And the great thing is, when we move (in 10 days!) we will live near a great zoo :)