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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Saturday, a layout share and chit chat

It's Saturday! Woohoo! Saturday is my favorite day of the week. God knows why since it's also the day I clean house! That's the one part I hate about it! ;)

So one of the scrapping sites I go to Scrapfriends is having a month long contest for their birthday celebration. It ends 7/31 and I haven't been able to participate in every challenge (there's a new one everyday!) but I've done a few. They have amazing prizes and tons of them! Well one of the contests is all about Altering and the grand prize layout is going to be judged by the King of Altering himself TIM HOLTZ! I decided to enter this one because I had the perfect photos just waiting to be scrapped!

So what if everyone else over there things I'm sucking up to the teacher! LOL! I did a ton of altering (you can see the details over at my 123 gallery) and this layout is definitely the longest one I've done, it took me 3 hours to complete it! Anywoo I hemmed and hawed and stressed over it and now it's done! It may not be the winning layout but I had fun doing it!

No results from the Cat Scan yet but the antibiotics seem to be doing the trick so thankfully it maybe just a bad bacterial infection. Thanks for all your well wishes!

Well I guess that's it for me today, I have to go clean so maybe I can scrap some more. Have a wonderful weekend all!


karen said...

Hey Pam! Didn't know you were feeling so crappy. Did that start after we left? Thanks so much for letting us stay with you. I know we doubled the number of people in the house and so we really appreciate it greatly!

Love your TH layout! Hope you win!

Rachael Giallongo said...

Great layout, girl!

I am doing a Make N Take up at the Concord store for the scrappin Bus Tour today! I'll call you when I get home!

Mary E said...

I commented on this LO this morning over at 123... I love it.
Happy weekend!

anne said...

Awesome Layout Pam, I know that picture!
Hope you can make it tomorrow. I won't be there until 5, we have a thing for ASU with Sammy down in Boston. Glad to hear the antibiotics, are working. Thanks so much for teaching the workshop the other night even though you weren't feeling great! I heard nothing but Great feed back.

Jodene said...

So what if you're sucking up to the teacher? That is one awesome layout!!
And I hope that you are starting to feel better and that you get some answers from your scan.

mumsascrappa said...

Love the LO Pam! I bet it looks even better in person! I really LOVE the lettering! Great colors too! .....and you're right, so what if it's the teacher! I'm sure he'll be thrilled to see such a wonderful piece of artwork with his photo!! and that you think highly enough of him to warrant a LO!!! Love it!! Good Luck with the contest! Hope you are feeling better real soon!

The Knotty Girl said...

Super cute lo!

When do they expect your results to be back?