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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Cat Scan Day

So I've had this stomach thing for a few days and finally went to the doctor after Tueday night some not so normal side effects began. They put me on two very strong antibiotics for some bactierial infections in my intestines and bowels (ICK) and took blood and today it's a Cat Scan to see if there are any signs of Colitis, Chrones Disease or some other problem that I can't even begin to spell that starts with a D! Last night I had to drink this contrast stuff and it was not fun! When you haven't even been able to eat anything let's say drinking this stuff that makes your liquid thick is not a fun time! I had to drink 30oz of it! I didn't think I was going to make it and afterward I had a rough time keeping it down. But then I knew they would have to reschedule the Cat Scan and that I'd have to drink it again so I kept it back! LOL! Fun Times!
Tonight I'm teaching a class at the store. Last I heard there were 6 signed up so it should be a good one! It's an accordian tag album that is beach/summer themed and came out very cute so I hope they like it!
Well that's it for me today, off to the hospital! Have a great day!


mumsascrappa said...

Is it diverticulitis? I think that is how it is spelled! Hugs Pam!! I've been there done that....that stuff is disgusting to take to say the least! Wishing you health!! Have a great class! Sounds like a good size group to have for that project! Enjoy!!

The Knotty Girl said...

Eek! I hope things work out ok. Keep us up to date.

Have fun at your class!

Jen Caputo said...

Yikes Pam!!!!! That does not sound fun. Take care of yourself. let us know how things are going.

Mary E said...

Hey Pam, I hope you feel better soon. By the way I am one of six signed up. So I guess I'll see you tonight. I can't wait I always love your little projects!

Jolene George said...

Oh my gosh Pam! That sounds just terrible! I can't imagine having to drink down that nasty stuff. It's worth it if they can find out what's wrong. When will the test results be back? I hope you feel better!
Have a great time teaching tonight!

Rachael Giallongo said...

Pam!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why am I just reading about this on your blog??????????????? You should have called me so I could give you the true support you need! PLEASE update me soon, k?