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Tuesday, July 4, 2006

Happy Independence Day

To all my patriotic friends and happy tuesday to all my non-American readers! :)

It has been a fun-filled weekend and I even got a little scrapping snuck in for good measure! I got three pages done in a weekend with no scrap plans what-so-ever so that isn't half bad! ;)

It started out with Saturday and house cleaning day, not so fun, ended it with some yardwork where I finally got started planting flowers. Actually got everything 1/2 off since it's so late in the season! Then BIL and family called us to go out to dinner so we met them at a BBQ place and had a great meal.

Sunday Michael and I met up with Jen Caputo and her boyfriend Adam in Boston and we had a great day. We started out in Fanieul Hall where Adam and Michael got picked to help out the Street performer. That was too much fun to watch! We laughed a great deal. Then we walked over to City Hall Plaza for the Chowder Festival and ate our fill of chowda! From there we went to a Mexican Restaurant for Sangria and Margarita's. From there we went over to Fenway and took the tour of the park which was very cool. After that went to Boston Beer Works where Jen, Adam and Michael sampled beer. After that it was off to another Brewery called The Sunset Bar and Grill for Dinner. Man this place had some great food with HUGE portions!! We had some great garlic fried calamari and Jen got this bowl of french onion soup that was more like a pot! It was giant! All our jaws dropped when we saw them bring it to the table! Three of us ate out of this bowl of soup and man did we get full from it! And it was the best I've ever tasted too! Not only that Jen got me to drink beer! And that is an unbelievable feat! I HATE Beer! I mean hate! When Michael drinks it I don't even like to be near him! I hate the smell of it even! So she orders this beer and it's purple! Looks just like grape juice and it even smells good! So I take a small sip and it tastes like fruit juice! It was really good! I couldn't believe I drank it! Jen was so proud of herself! ;) So after dinner we hit the road and we got home at 10pm! It was a terrific day!

Today we went to a BBQ at my BIL's house. They had just a few friends over so it was perfect. I spent most of the day playing with all the fish. He has two huge ponds one of them has a few of our old Koi in it. I tried to get one of my old Koi, Blackie to come up and eat out of my hand and before I left had accomplished what I set out to do! I couldn't believe how much she had grown! I so miss having fish! Can't wait to get our pond going again!

It was a great weekend and I have a very short week before I leave for Martha's Vineyard on Saturday for a week! Oh and for any robbers thinking about steaking out my house, my husband isn't going with me and I own a Pit Bull and two attack cats who also aren't taking the trip! ;)

Happy 4tht All!


mumsascrappa said...

Sounds like your Boston trip was a blast!! Enjoy Martha's Vineyard! Glad to hear you got to plant! especially at 1/2 off!!

Andrea said...

What a great weekend! Great that you got to meet Jen! The Cape sounds like fun, can't wait to see the pics!

Jolene George said...

You crack me up! I'm heeding your warning as the sheer though of 2 attack cats scares me to death. LOL! Your weekend sounds great and I love that you have a short week before you get to go on your trip.

Rachael Giallongo said...

Your weekend some FAB!!!!!!!!!!! I am so jealous! Now, tell me more about this purple beer... where can I get it? Hmmmmm?

September said...

LOL about the attack cats, etc. I guess I better cancel my ransacking flight. :-D Have a wonderful trip!