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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Cards Anyone?

In 2006 a very good friend of mine's husband was being deployed to Iraq. Over at 123-Scrap, Chris came up with this awesome idea to make cards for the soldiers. Not just cards to send to them but blank cards for them to use to send back to their loved ones while they were deployed. This project was so well received we have sent thousands of cards and have received amazing feedback from both the soldiers who have used the cards and from people who are making the cards to send over there. So many people have told me how much it helps them to be able to give something back to the soldiers. So we are gearing up to start the 2008 mailings to the soldiers and I want this to be another great year so I'm spreading the word where I can.

So if you would be so kind to post word on your blog and/or to make some cards here is where you can get all the details:

or if you would like more specific info and to see some of the feedback go here:

Thanks in advance! Have a great Wednesday!


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

This is awesome!! I will add a link on my blog tomorrow!!


Janette said...

That is a wonderful idea! I wonder if they have soemthign like this for Canadians. I must check it out.

Lizzy in the Burbs said...

What a great idea! I will add a link to my blog, too. My younger son, Brian, did this very same thing in school for spirit week, all the classes made cards for the troops and sent them stationary so they could write back, or home, etc.

All your scrapbook projects look great! You're so creative!


Lisa said...

posted your link to bring some more traffic to you!

Chris said...

Hey, I'll be making some cards, for sure.
Your Amy Bleser blinkie clicks through to Traci's store at SSD. Just thought you might want to fix that!