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Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Temporarily Suspended

from driving that is! For 2 weeks! ACK! I have had some neck pain for about 2 weeks now. I finally couldn't stand it anymore and went to the ER on Sat. Fun 3 hours wasted and meds that don't work out of that! So I call my doc yesterday and of course they can't fit me in until today. They say since I was already seen at the ER I need to wait 3 days! UGH! So today I am told I need to go to Physical Therapy and no driving for 2 weeks! Granted driving kills my neck but that's a long time! The meds they gave me are stronger and I guess you shouldn't drive and when my doc heard I worked a 40 minute drive away she said uh-uh! So I should be a bit nuts working from home and having no one to talk to all day for that long! I'm a very outgoing person I need to gab! ;)
It's also the start of baseball and soccer season and we have games/practices 3 nights a week and on Saturday! How's that going to happen when I can't drive and my husband works all over kingdom come? Oh Mom... Thank GOD for my mom and that she lives close! Dang, sometimes she drives me nuts but she's a lifesaver! I have to get her something good for Mother's Day! Any ideas anyone?
Oh, we are having a cyber crop at 123-Scrap this weekend in honor of National Scrapbook Day so if you want some scrapping fun, stop on by!
And that's my news. Hope you all have a terrific Tuesday!


TammyM said...

Well Pam - you can always gab to us here at 123 ;) (I know it is not the same). Looking forward to the weekend and who knows, you might be able to squeeze in some non interrupted scrapping during the next 2 weeks.

Suzanne said...

We'll keep you company Pam! Glad your doc got you all fixed up and hope it helps soon! Hugs!

I Made This said...
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I Made This said...

Hey, hope you feel better soon. It sucks being poorly.
Did you want to make something for your Mum or buy something?
P.s. Deleted previous post as half the words were not spelt correctly!

JeanneLee said...

That stinks...NOT driving would put a crimp in my style too! Thank goodness for your mom there!
Hope those 2 weeks go fast for ya!

Kristi said...

Sorry you are a pain in the neck, I mean I am sorry you are having pain in your neck=).

Hope you get to feeling well soon! I have a yucky cold, I layed in bed all day today pretty much. Lazy too, still recovering from the weekend.

Again, hope you get to feeling better!!! HUGS!

Jolene George said...

You poor girl! You must be in such pain. My neck and back hurt all the time, but not enough to affect my driving. I hope you don't go crazy for the next two weeks and I really hope the therapy helps you feel better.