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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Nose for Sale!

I want a new one! One that doesn't run! Man allergies are the pits! I'll sell these itchy eyes while I'm at it too. LOL! I got some eye drops from the doc, they are supposed to be really strong, the co-pay was $45 (which means they are tier 1) and they worked for all of 5 minutes. You can use them twice a day. I won't be refilling those! I also got Allegra. Not high on my recommendation list either. Another one that you take 2x a day. It works all of about a nano-second.
Yesterday was exciting. We had tornado watches start up at about 2:30. Right when my son gets home from school and an hour before I leave from work. I'm 40 minutes away from home. Jake calls and says "Mom, when are you coming home? It's raining like crazy and there are tornado watches!" I say "Can you go next door?" He says "Nope, they aren't home." Great! So I say, "Watch the news, if the tv starts that buzzing noise you call me right away and I'll tell you what to do." What else can I do? In the end we just had some serious downpours, thunder, lightening and no baseball! :) But that means a makeup game tomorrow night. Bummer!
The CK Convention is in town this weekend and I was hoping to sneak over there. Oh well, I guess I'll save a few pennies. Who am I kidding I'll save mega bucks! :)
I am really hoping to get down to my scraproom this weekend . Granted I have to figured out when I'll actually have time to do that but maybe just maybe. I've got so much stuff to work on pending down there and some major dust bunnies building up from no movement in that room! LOL!
OK, well I've got not much else going on so I guess I'll leave you. Have a happy day!


MaryE said...

Oh Pammy, with her poor runny nose! yea I was thinking about taking the day off tomorrow and heading over to CK, but I guess I'll save mega bucks too!!!

September said...

awww, I'm so sorry your poor nose is running off your face. :) Allergies here are finally winding down some, thankfully. Glad you didn't actually have any tornadoes... :)

Jolene George said...

Tornado warnings and the creap and crud. I'm so sorry! I hope you find time this weekend to visit your lonely scraproom and get feeling better too.

Lynette said...

I could recommend the best antihistamine I've ever had. The commercial name is Rhinocort and the active ingredient is... really good... can't think of the name at the moment! ha! If make a trip to Australia you could save yourself some money by not buying stuff that doesn't work! Yes? make sense? Hope you're feeling better soon!

Tornadoes... now that's something we've only ever seen on TV here. Scary...