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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Busy Saturday!

We are off for a full day! First Jake has Baseball pictures at 8:10 and then Jake has a baseball game at 9am and Josh has a soccer game at the same time. So I'll be running back and forth trying to take photos of them both! Then I have to run Josh to the car to change for after his game gets over at 10 for his baseball photos at 10:30! Thank goodness this is all at the same place! Only because it's not raining today! If it were yesterday we'd be running clear across town! Then we get to go home to take a breather and eat some lunch and it's back to another part of town for Josh's baseball game! This is my life until the end of June or maybe the beginning of July! At least I'm driving today so I can do it myself instead of being a 14 yo again and having my mommy take me! LOL!

OK I'm outta here! All you Mom's have a very happy Mother's Day tomorrow! Hugs!


September said...

I don't know you do it. Wow what a day you have going! LOL

kendra said...

Happy Mother's Day Pam!

Lynette said...

I hear you Pam... I sOOOOOOOO hear you! I guess mothers are mothers no matter what geography... Have a great Mother's Day! You deserve it!... and SO DO I!

Jolene George said...

Baseball season is a busy time. Glad you got to drive like a big girl without your mom taking you around. :o) I hope you had a great mothers day.