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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

My Pup and a Peek!

Bear was sitting so pretty on the office rug that I had to take a photo of her. She's 15 years old and declining fast so I'm trying to take as many good photos of her as I can before we lose her. She has been a wonderful dog the last 15 years! If you don't know, she's 100% purebred PitBull. And she would change your outlook on pitbulls forever if you met her. She loves everyone and doesn't have a mean bone in her body. She's the worst watch dog ever! I'm sure if someone came into the house she'd say "come on in, take what you want and take me with you when you go!" She actually tried to get into a lawn guy's truck before when he told her "come on bear"! LOL!
And since I was taking pics of Bear I figured I'd give you a peek at the floors. I really wanted to do the "big reveal" when the stairs are done too but since you all asked so nicely! ;) This is my office and my most used room in the house besides my scraproom! ;)

Oh and thanks so much for the birthday wishes all!

Have a great day!


karen said...

Oh, Bear. What a sweetie. I'm still not a big fan of pitbulls, but I love her. Kelsey even talks about her from time to time! She thinks she's such a great dog. Looking at her picture, she even looks older than last summer. Enjoy her to bits!

Your floors are great!!! No wonder you're so thrilled. And I love those palm tree wall hangings. I bet you're loving your house all the more with those wood floors. Can't wait to see more pics when the rest is done.

Mary E said...

oh, looks so pretty! Last time a saw that room the floor materials were piled high against that wall. Looks awesome all done!

~dawne said...

Beautiful room...I love the color of the walls w/the floor & furniture. And Bear....what a sweetie!! Have a great day!!

Kristi Smith said...

Sorry Bear is getting so old, poor thing. I wish my dog would settle down, he would not leave the Schwans's man alone the other day. HE WENT CRAZY!!!

The floors look great!!!