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Friday, February 23, 2007


I sooooo want this week over and gone! It's not gotten any better since Wed. I've had to work late every night (last night it was until 10pm again!) so needless to say no only am I exhaused but DH isn't too happy with me right now. I won't bore you with those details tho!
Good news is hopefully my floor is finally going down this weekend and my house can be semi back to normal. I can have my living room and office back at least! We will still have the baseboards to stain and put up and the stairs are still undone but at least there won't be furniture piled everywhere! Eventually it's going to be gorgeous! I just love the bamboo floor in my bedroom and I had to look at that mess for a little while before I saw the love so I can deal with this (NOT!).
We've got our 3rd Birthday bash cyber crop going on at 123-scrap this weekend so tons of fun contests, games and challenges over there and I hope to do some scrapping amongst all the banging! I would like to stay as far away from the wood project as possible but I'm not sure that's going to be possible! I might have to Help! But hey if you aren't doing anything and you feel like scrapping, come on over!
That's all for me folks! Have a great Friday!


Jolene George said...

Boy are you ever working some long hours. I don't know how you're even keeping your eyes open. Poor girl! Your floors will be so gorgeous when their done...not fun now, but so worth it later.

Kristi Smith said...

Sorry you've had a bad week! Hope all goes well with the floors, I am sure they will be gorgeous. Have a great weekend!!!

~dawne said...

Hey Girlie,

Sorry your week wasn't so great. I hope your weekend is better & the floors get done!!

MiYon said...

Been there, done that with the floor thing. Hubby tiled and did hardwood floor last summer and never once asked me to help (thank goodness... I'm not one for manual labor). Take some photos so we can see the finished product!