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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Another Tag...

I've been tagged . . .
by my friend Kristi Smith. The tag was to list 6 quirky/weird things about me. I think I have a few friends who might be able to come up with more than 6 but here goes...
1) I have to clean my house every week and do it all on the same day. I can't skip a week or spread it out or I don't feel like the house is clean. I do it all, wash the floors, clean the bathrooms, change the bedding, scrub the kitchen, dust. Usually every Saturday.
2) I can't leave my house without all the beds being made. It will irk me all day if Michael is home and in bed after I leave because I know the bed is unmade and I'll make it right when I get home even if I'm getting in it in a few hours. I also will not leave with dishes in the sink!
3) I don't cry easily at all, I could be really really upset or angry and I won't shed a tear but the minute a wedding starts or a stupid movie or commercial comes on I bawl like a baby!
4) Whistling irrates the crap out of me. I know this is so bad since usually when someone whistles it means they are happy but it just bugs me! LOL!
5) I can't sleep on my back, every time I do, I have a nightmare.
6) I put ketchup on way too many things, like chicken sandwiches, egg sandwiches, steak and cheese subs to name a few.
I'm tagging all 5 blog readers (well the ones who haven't done this tag yet anyway)! You know who you are!


Kristi Smith said...

UH-OH, you are weird and anal! LOL!

Don't come to my house unless you call first. My beds aren't made and I am still in my PJ's, but we have a blizzard going on here! I could care less if the beds aren't made unless company comes to the door. Oh and you wanted to know why I cut off my dog's hair in the winter, because it sheds all over my floor!!! Ketchup on everything . . . EWWWW!

Thanks for playing, I better go clean my house=).

Jodene said...

Pam I loved reading your quirky habits, and it should come as no suprise that I share a lot of them! lol (I won't say which ones I don't share) ;)
Oh and I LOVE your new blog banner too.