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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Glutton for Punishment

or I just love rejection! LOL!

I read on Stacey P's blog that Junkitz is going to be adding to their DT throughout the year so silly me, I sent in my wishes to be on the team with my gallery links. I have already been rejected once so I have no clue why I would do that to myself again but I just can't help myself! Everyone knows how much I would love that gig! ;)

So tonight we went out to dinner for Michael's birthday. My Mom and my Godmother joined us. We went to a restaurant that gives the kids Wiki Sticks. They are these sticky sticks that you can mold into shapes. Well Michael asked the waitress where his were and that started it all off. Michael made some glasses, then we all wanted a pair, the waitress wanted a pair and then other waitresses were bringing him sticks and requesting theirs in certain colors! It was pretty funny. Here's a photo of all of us in our Michael originals:

The waitress said we made her night! And that was before the tip! You can't tell but mine have hearts on the front of them, very 'designer'! ;) We had fabulous prime rib and yummy martinis! It was very fun!

And now to get the kids ready for bed! Have a great night!


Jen Caputo said...

you goofballs!! How fun is that!

Chris said...

You look like you are have the best time!!! Tell Michael Happy Birthday for me!

Chris said...

Oh, and I think you have a GREAT chance to get on the Junkitz DT. Just keep trying.

Kristi Smith said...

I hope the kids didn't have martini's=). I can tell the adults did with their Wiki Stick glasses on! LOL.

Did you remind them at Junkitz that you helped at their booth?=D

Mary E said...

Wow love the new blog header...I's about time. And yes, you always with the designer mind LOL.

Kristi Smith said...

Come on, do the tag!!!

Jodene said...

Sounds like you had the funnest time ever! ;) Love the photo, and can't wait to see the layout that goes with that!

As for Junkitz, they would be crazy to not pick you again.

Rachael Giallongo said...

That photo is HYSTERICAL! Did you go to Margaritas?