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Monday, January 8, 2007

Rainy Monday!

It's a rainy Monday here in New Hampshire but it could be snow so I'm not complaining!
Jake had his first snowboarding lesson Friday night and loved it. I was afraid they would cancel it because we have had nothing for snow this season but the mountain has been able to produce some snow so they went on with the School Ski Program and all was well. He LOVED it and can't wait to go again. I don't hold out much hope for this week considering it was almost 70 degrees here on Saturday! The boys were outside in shorts and no shirts during a major downpour! I took photos to document it because you don't really ever see shorts and no shirts in January in New Hampshire! LOL! I would share them here but they are still on the camera! ;)
Saturday Jake played indoor soccer with a new team. He was a bit nervous as this was his first time playing with the team and it has been awhile since he's played indoor soccer and about 9 months since he's played soccer at all but he did OK. It will get easier I'm sure once he gets to know the team. He has one friend on the team. They played a really good team and lost but I knew one mom on the other team and she said they should be proud that they even got any points because no one usually does!
Sunday Josh had a friend over for the first time! I can't believe he's never had a friend over and he's 8. What a rotten mom I am! But then again he's never been invited to a friends house either so I'm not the only one! ;) LOL! They did well, didn't even have to talk to them once! Other than that I didn't do much, I could have scrapped all day but just didn't feel like it. Must have been sick! ;)
Now the weekend is over and it's back to work! Michael is having knee surgery on Thursday and he wakes up with a cold today! Hoping some Airborne will get it out of his system before the surgery so he can actually have it! Send healthy thoughts his way please!
Have a great day! Over and Out!


Colleen said...

Hi Pam! How did Josh's day with his frind go? Jake is nine and doesn't have too many friends over yet either.

Jolene George said...

Good thing they can create snow because without it snowborad classes would be not so easy.
We've had entirely too many sleepovers at my house.
I hope your husband feels better so he can have his surgery.

miyon said...

70 degrees? I am SO jealous!