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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Only Wednesday?

Does it feel like it should be Friday to anyone else? Man it has been a long week already! I'm tired! I thought it was Wednesday yesterday so I'm really out of it for some reason this week! I think it's stress. Michael is having knee surgery tomorrow and we basically have no idea how intensive the surgery will be until they get in there to repair it. It will either be a few days out of work or 6 weeks (with NO pay)! I'm hoping for the few days! ;) So tomorrow I sit at the hospital and wait and then take him home and hope they give him really good drugs so he's not a huge grouch for the weekend! Yeah, I know I'm awful but he's so not nice when he's in pain.

OK enough with the bad stuff! I finished my first challenge of week two of the Amazing Digi Scrap Race. This weeks challenge was based on "Sign of the Times" and I had to scrap a page about something that tells about the world I live in. I chose to scrap about my "Net" Friends. I have been lucky enough to have met a lot of them in person but a couple I have not but these girls here are some of my very best friends! It's so amazing to me that it can turn out that way! Anyway, here is my page:
Credits: Page kit is "Comfy Jeans" by Traci Reed at, Frame is "Frameworks Classics" by Cindy Simon of, fonts are 2Peas Dreams and Waterfalls.

And other that that, not much else new here so I'm going to say have a great day! Later!


karen said...

LOVE that page! The denim and blues are so cool.

Tell Michael we're thinking about him and hoping for the best with his surgery. And tell him to not be so grouchy to his loving wife. ;-)

Cindy said...

I know what you mean, I could have sworn all day yesterday was Wednesday.

My thoughts will be with you and Michael tomorrow, hope it's not a big major deal and a long time out of work. That would suck.

I just LOVE this kit by Traci, and the framework looks so pretty on it! COOL!!

shawna said...

I'm with you! Things are just moving in super slow motion!!!

Definitely will be praying for you and your Hubby tomorrow!!! Loving what you did with that adorable kit! Great page!

Kristi Smith said...

Your hubby has been having a lot of surgeries no wonder he is grouchy=). Hope all goes well and he is back to making the money in no time!

Love the layout but it would be better if there was a picture of me in it. LOL.=D I know, it is weird, the connections I have made on the net and how close I feel to some of the people. Very weird, but cool.=)

Tawnya said...

Very cute page! Came out great! Great idea for a layout! :)