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Thursday, January 4, 2007

It's Official

I'm going to California! My tickets are bought and non-refundable so there is no turning back now! I am going to need some serious drugs to make that flight anyone have any recommendations? RACHAEL? ;) I can't believe I'm actually flying that far, I said I'd never do it, I must really want to go to CHA or really love my friends Chris and Andrea a lot! I am excited and really nervous at the same time. Andrea and I tried to hook up somewhere so we could fly halfway there together but it didn't work out so I'm on my own the whole way. Oh well! I am really excited about seeing the Pacific Coast! I mean I did live in Hawaii for 3 years but I was 12 when I left there, it's been a long time!

So who's doing the Amazing Digi Scrap Race? Rachael and I turned in our first challenge yesterday! Here's my page:

As much as I hate doing pages about myself I did two of them in one week! Had I known the first challenge page was going to be a Goal's challenge I'd have not done a Resolutions page with Cindy's new kit! LOL! But since I can't have any special treatment just because I'm on Cindy's CT I had no clue! :)
So that's my Thursday musings! Hope you all have a terrific day! Catch you all later!


Shawna said...

CHA!!! I'm so jealous! And what a gorgeous page!!! :) The stampies look so happy there!

Kristi Smith said...

Layout and kitty are adorable.

Yuck about the long flight, how long will it be? I hate flying but love to travel.

I wish I was going, so much fun!!!

Take lots of pics so we can feel like we were there!!!

Lynette said...

Hi Pam! Thought I'd visit you too! Holy Cow! your are a blog stalker aren't you! Hope CHA is good! I'd love to get there one day... Have a great trip!

Rachael Giallongo said...

Yes, drugs. Lots of them. Take lots of them. You are crazy! How are you going to get on a plane? I shake just thinking about it! Love this layout, too, btw, but still think you are crazy for flying! Come get drugs.....

Jolene George said...

The layout is beautiful but YOU are even more beautiful!

miyon said...

Oh, Pam, that is beautiful LO, one of my favorites of yours.

Have fun on your trip!