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Friday, September 8, 2006


Man what a week! I had a migraine for most of it! Michael's been home late almost every night because he's been working on his boss's Cuda trying to get the transmission going and it was just crazy. I am so glad it's almost over! I have my cousin's wedding tomorrow, I am going with my mom! Fun! Michael has to stay home with the boys. The joys of never having anyone but my mom babysit and her being invited to the same wedding. The will be like 3 people I know there. Can you tell I'm excited? NOT! I don't even think I'm bringing my camera! My weekends are way to short to be spending them doing something I don't want to be doing I tell ya! I love Missy to death but going to a wedding where you know no one alone is not my idea of a good time! Think anyone would notice if I brought my scrapbook stuff? LOL!
Did you see that Dare #2 is up at The Digi Dares? Go check it out, they are fun! I've already got my page planned!
OK well that's my short and sweet update for today!
Oh one more thing! Sending out huge congrats to my cyber friend Jolene and her family! Welcome to baby Mark! Congrats Jolene on becoming a Grandmom!
Have a great weekend all!


Anonymous said...

DO you HAVE to go Pam? How about you just send a gift and a homemade card and stay home. :o) Sounds good to me.
Thank you so much! It feels so strange, yet good to be a grandma.
crossing my fingers that blogger lets me leave a comment. It wont let me send as me so I'm trying as anonymous

Anonymous said...

Hope things went well today Pam! Maybe tomorrow can be a scrappy day for ya! By the way, I haven't been able to leave comments as me either, going to try as Jolene did. Have a great rest of the weekend!

Anonymous said...

Sorry.....meant to sign me. mumsascrappa - Patty