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Thursday, September 7, 2006

No Tooth Fairy

The "Tooth Fairy" is no more at our house. What a sad day for me.
So Josh comes into my room this morning with a very mad face.
He says "There is no Tooth Fairy! You're the Tooth Fairy!"
I am in shock and I say "What do you mean, did you lose a tooth?"
He says "Yes, Jake told me not to tell you so we could see if she still came and she didn't there is no Tooth Fairy"
I tried to find a way out of it but I am not a quick thinker, so I said "Maybe she didn't know you lost it either!"
He wasn't falling for that. At least I have smart kids! ;) So I caved and said yes Mama is the tooth fairy. Jake got a huge talking to for ruining it for his brother like that and then Josh said "I'm telling all my friends!" to which I replied that he better not ruin it for anyone else!
Then the Santa discussion came up! I put my foot down on that one! I Yelled "Santa doesn't come to anyone's house that doesn't believe!"
Jake piped up "I believe in Santa!"
I also told them that since they don't believe in the Tooth Fairy anymore I don't have to pay for lost teeth! LOL! Saved myself two bucks today! ;)
And that's my blog news for the day! Have a great Thursday all!


Rach said...

aww, that IS sad! :(

As for Santa .. after my girls saw Polar Express last winter, they seem to think they just need to believe too .. although there was no question of their belief beforehand. Maybe you need to get your boys that movie, or remind them of it if they've seen it already.

Mary E said...

Oh Pam.....the growing pains of motherhood..."first day of high school" this week has caused me some "momma pains"

karen said...

Smart and sneaky! I've wondered if my kids would try that one, but so far, not. But hey, no more money for the tooth fairy! I think you should do a scrapbook layout on this one. :-)

Woozle said...

Pam ... shame you caved .... I would have been doing the "tooth fairy was obviously busy" line for a day or two!!
When my brother stopped believing, the tooth fairy showed up a couple of days later with a lovely little letter which basically said something like "I am so sorry to hear that you do not want me to visit any longer. Unfortunatly there are so many children in the world and I cannot always get round to them on the night they lose their teeth, so when children get to about 6 yrs old I often enlist the help of their parents to leave the money in exchange for the tooth - those parents work directly for me. I do hope that you will allow me to visit you again. I understand that you are growing up, but please don't close your heart to the magic of fairy dust. If I don't see you again now, maybe I will see you again when you have children of your own - who knows, maybe one day you will be one of my helpers just like your Momma was"

Lesley said...

bummer about the tooth fairy; its all downhill from here!
Hey, do you think if I believe in Santa enough, he will give me a baby for Christmas?! That would be so cool!