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Friday, September 1, 2006

Icky Sickies!

Two sickies in the house! Josh has a tummy thing and then I woke up not feeling well. I hope it's a quick one and not that nasty bug I've been hearing about. I had a migraine too but the medicine is starting to kick in on that. I was worried I was going to throw it up after I took it this am tho! Sorry TMI!

So I got rejected from yet another CT. I tried out for Shannon Carlson's team and didn't make it. She was very cool though, she gave out $20 gift certificates to her store for applying! So the shopping made the rejection a bit easier! ;)

So that's my Friday update. I'm hoping the day improves! Have a good one all!


mumsascrappa said...

Yes, shopping does help what ails ya!! LOL! Hope you and ds feel better soon Pam! Have a great weekend!

Rachael Giallongo said...

So, does this mean you are at home? I just emailed you! Hope the boys are better soon & you, too!