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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Turkey Day!

Wishing all of my faithful blog readers a wonderful Thanksgiving. Hope you have lots of fun whatever you are doing today!

The other day Sadie was playing in the leave pile that Jake was raking, I tried to take some photos of her but my camera was not cooperating so this is the best one I got and of course her head is cut off! This would have been a great scrapping opportunity if my point and shoot hadn’t been a bugger! And of course now all the leaves are gone.

IMG_0498 I also parked in the garage for the first time last night. No it’s not done but it was fun anyway! It’s getting there! Michael is working on the stairs that go into the house today.

IMG_0501 Doors and windows are on the way as are the garage doors so in a few weeks there should be another new update!

Enjoy your day and don’t eat too much!

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