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Saturday, December 19, 2009

When it Rains

They say when it rains it pours or that good or bad things come in threes and I have to say right now I believe both. This is going to be a post full of bad news so if you are full of Christmas spirit and happiness you may not want to read much further so it doesn’t bring you down…

It all started about two weeks ago when Michael came home and said that things were not going well at work and he didn’t know how much longer he was going to have a job. He’s been with this company for 18 years. He has been pretty devastated to say the least and very grouchy because although his boss said he can’t run the company without him and he would be the very last to go he is very worried about his coworkers who are also his friends. This is not a good time to be unemployed no matter what field but especially in the construction world. We make the decision to start saving as much as we can, not exchange Xmas gifts with each other and do whatever we can to take precautions for going back to one salary.

Fast forward to this week when we take Sadie our puppy to the vet, and then decide we need a second opinion from a specialist and on Wednesday find out that she needs knee surgery right away not on one knee but both knees. They schedule the surgery on the left knee for the NEXT day. It’s $3500 for one knee. The next one has to be done as soon as the first one heels in about 6 weeks. And during the heeling she has to be confined to a crate, wear one of those God awful collars, and take all kinds of medications. She has to stay overnight in the hospital and boy Thursday night in our house is awful without her and I couldn’t wait to pick her up on Friday.

And then we get to Friday, I get out of work and rush home to meet Michael so we can go get Sadie. The day just seemed to drag by! I get a call when I am about 20 minutes from home from Michael saying that his truck just quit and he is waiting for AAA to come give him a tow. He has no idea what is wrong with the truck and it’s about 20 degrees outside and he’s freezing. 3 Hours later he is still not home. We finally get Sadie home at 7:30 last night! Still have no clue what is wrong with the truck or how much it will cost to fix it.

Sadie is resting right because she just had a Codeine. She’s not happy that she is confined to her crate but she has to have very limited movement for the next 6 weeks. Her whole back leg is shaved up to her back  but the incision is only about 4-5 inches so it’s not too big. She has wagged her tail a few times which is a good sign but you can tell she is in pain because she whimpers once in a while. She hates the collar and when we have to put it on her she gets so sad it makes me want to cry. I hate to think we have to do this all again to the other leg. Poor thing, she doesn’t deserve this at all.

Oh and if you are still with me, this is all caused by a Luxating Patella. It’s also known as Trick Knee. Mostly common in small dogs but also starting to get more common in larger dogs such as Golden’s. And it’s Genetic. We have contacted the breeder because from the research we have done he should stop breeding the parents immediately but he wants more proof from us. There were 11 puppies in Sadie’s litter and we have no idea if any other pups have shown any issues but I hope not.

So if you made it through all that you really are a true friend and I thank you and ask for one more thing, a few good thoughts for Sadie’s fast recovery!

Thanks for reading!


Jheri said...

Sorry it seems that life has offered you the chitty end of the stick.
It's very scary these days when it comes to employment. Years ago people never had to worry - now it's every where.
Poor Sadie, I hope she feeling better soon, that's got to be so hard.
You know where to find me, if you need a shoulder to bounce off.
Hugs Pam!!

Cindy said...

Poor Pam, poor puppy. :( I hope that breeder comes to his senses. Why would you make something like that up? I know Sadie is happy just to be back with you guys again. Give her a big lick from Seeger. And hang in there about the job thing. Things seems to be very slowly getting better out there. Be optimistic but be prepared. Love you!

Tammy said...

I hope all goes well with M's job and poor Sadie. I do hope she heals quickly.

Melinda said...

oh no not good news at all....hopefully things will turn around and all will be well soon. Try to find some time to do something as a family that will make you all enjoy the season! Hang in there!

Karen said...

Wow Pam. I'm so sorry to hear all the bad news going on at your house. I hope for the best on all fronts for all of you. I can't believe that surgery cost so much! Ugh.

Hopefully Michael can figure out the truck and fix it himself. He's good with cars. If he wants to bounce any ideas off of Ken tell him to give us a call. And of course, I'll say prayers for Sadie's quick recovery (and that she doesn't drive you all crazy in the meantime) and that Michael's boss can somehow hang on to him. Hang in there. If you need to talk, feel free to call. *hugs!*